Hello 2018!

Hello New Year!

The New Year is here, time for a change! This past week I've had clients come in all asking for the same thing - a completely new do. Hearing this I know right away, cut and color! And the word I'm hearing MOST is BLONDE..blonde, golden-honey, caramel or sun-kissed all around LIGHTER hair. I absolutely LOVE blondes as a lot of ladies do and we don't care what it takes to get it! But, let me start by saying, you need to get ready.

The Process

That it is - a process. Not only is it a process to have light hair, it's an investment especially when your hair is naturally dark you can expect to learn a lot about your hair and it's underlying pigments. There is a whole science to understand when it comes to hair color so when you walk in with black hair and show us a picture of the blonde hair you're wanting, we have a lot to talk about.

I'm always honest when it comes to this process because I want my clients' hair to remain healthy and on their head! There is really no point in having a beautiful hair color on hair that is dry and damaged. For your hair to remain intact, the process may take up to four visits, depending on your current hair color and desired look. Tips to Prepare Your Hair for a Lighter Color:

  1. You can start to prepare your hair by reducing the use of your hot tools (blowdryers, flat iron, curling irons, ALL of them).

  2. Only wash your hair every other day or if you already do that, go longer in between washes.

  3. Give your hair a deep conditioning treatment and use a leave-in conditioner.

The steps are: 1. Lighten the hair with a lightener/bleach to the level of lightness you're wanting (possibly, lighten again..and again if needed). 2. Apply toner to the hair with a formula that will give you the golden, caramel, honey, platinum color you desire. 3. Leave the toner on the hair for as long as needed till the tone is achieved. 4. Rinse 5. Dry, Style, Smile and rock that "blonde" you've always dreamed of!


The Investment

It is worth the time and money. Now that you have this amazing, beautiful color you can't just let it go! You just sat in a chair for three hours at a time! You invested your time and money in achieving those lovely locks. Here are tips to keeping your color healthy and lasting longer:

  1. Use PROFESSIONAL products such as color protecting shampoo and conditioner, Unite has a great line of products that help with lasting color and the overall health of your hair.

  2. Condition - use a leave-in conditioner not only to moisturize your hair but also to lock in your color. Unite’s 7seconds Leave-in Conditioner is AMAZING!

  3. Style your hair using a heat protectant, oils are my favorite. There are light, medium, and heavy oils to use depending on your hair type and oil production - if your hair is fine, a light oil is best and if your hair is thick and course a heavier oil is best. You only need to use a dime size, oil goes a long way. U oil is my favorite, with amazing benefits and the most universal!

Taking care of your hair with professional products is very important. You wouldn't wash your car with glass cleaner or dish detergent would you? Definitely not. Products like that on a car would strip the paint right off! Just as non-professional shampoo and conditioner would do to your hair color. Toner (the color that gives your hair that golden tone) only lasts up to 6 weeks so scheduling that time to come back and refresh your color is a must. Plus, I miss seeing that smiling face!

That's the best part of my job; I love seeing my clients' feel confident and happy with their new hair and realizing that the process was worth it.

Are you ready for amazing hair? Let's talk! You can reach me at 512-653-0068 or at Info@beautyxvictoria.com.


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